I Want to Remember For You

I will remember for you so you don't have to...

Monday, July 26, 2010


From a far distant place, a piano is playing our song gently

At the sound of our song, the empty sky burst into tears

Washing everything away

Leaving behind a shade of gray

Suddenly, the piano stops as a stranger with a gentle gaze appears

His hair and cloak soaked from the rain

With his trembling fingers, he gently touch the cold keyboards on the piano

He places himself slowly onto the seat of the piano

He bursts into tears

A maiden with a fragile heart appears before him

She places her hands gently upon his shoulders

Her hands were cold

Her dark hair was down and soaked from the rain

She was wearing nothing but a long white dress

She's so pale

He looks up into her empty and colorless gaze

On her knees

She gently places her head on his lap

Without a word

The stranger begin to play our song gently

The empty sky continue to cry

The stranger with a gentle gaze continue to play

As the maiden with a fragile sleeps soundly on his lap

From a far distant, a piano is playing our song gently…

And gently…


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