I Want to Remember For You

I will remember for you so you don't have to...

Monday, July 26, 2010


Without a star in sight,
The sky gave itself up into darkness
The clouds begins to cry at the sight of what was happening
Washing away life mercilessly with its tears
Into one color

Soaked from head to toe
You noticed a lonely flower
Trying to grasp what little life it has left in her

Taking off your shirt quickly
You became a protection for this helpless thing

I watched all this in silence
I can see the life is slowly draining out of you
Yet why do you still smile?

With my tremble hands
I reached for you
Only to bring back memories of you

Suppressed by bitter pain
And in confusion
I begin to walk
Walk away from you

Turning away for one last good bye
I found you lying on the muddy ground
Sleeping perhaps
Slowly your dreams begin to unravel before me
In colors that I have never dare to dream

But it gave me a reason to continued to protect what you have left behind
“Darling, I am here tending your precious light without you.”
I whispered gently to the flower

The wind begin to sing to us
A familiar melody
A lullaby for the clouds
The thing we called “light” emerged through from within the darkness
The very little flower we protected
Bloomed before my eyes
I found myself remembering how to smile

Falling onto you
This time I was sure it was you
That my head is resting upon
Closing my eyes slowly
I whispered,
“I love you darling.”

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