I Want to Remember For You

I will remember for you so you don't have to...

Monday, July 26, 2010


Sitting in a seat across from you in a little downtown café by the beach, I find myself at lost for words at the sight of you. I do not know your name but I do know that I want you in ways I didn’t think is possible.
You ordered a cup of coffee with a butter croissant and took a seat right across from me next to a window view to the ocean. I noticed the small things such as the way your white dress fall flawlessly over your body, or the way your hair sit perfectly below your shoulder. Your lips, a light shade of red are quit tempting to me. Oh, how I want to take my fingers and trace the outline of your body so I could feel the softness of your skin.
Darling, I only pretended to be reading my novel so I could admire you without you noticing. I studied you in a way an artist would before he starts to paint something beautiful.
I put my novel down and took a sip of my black coffee; it tasted bitter yet strong to my mouth, just the way I like it. I left my oatmeal sitting in its bowl without the desire on finishing it.
Without a warning, you got up from your seat and made your way through the door. I quickly gathered up my things and followed you. I paced myself carefully so I will always be a few steps behind you.
Not even once did you look back. You walked in a steady pace that was easy to match. You stopped in front of the beach and took off your shoes. I rolled up my pants before taking off my shoes, but still I managed to catch up with you.
The sand is quit hot by this time of the day but you walked on carelessly into the water. I stayed behind and pretended to be looking at something else, but I was really looking at you. We stayed like this for almost an hour or so before you decided to leave. I didn’t follow you this time, I only watched in awe.
I let you go without a reason yet my heart is now drenched in despair at the lost of you. I do hope we can run into each other again. Maybe next time I will have the courage needed to confess it all to you. But for now farewell my dear…

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