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Monday, July 26, 2010


“I wish I could just close my eyes and simply sleep like you…”

At the sight of an empty wine bottle sitting on the kitchen table, Tetsuo let out a loud sigh and knew that she stayed up another night. He cleared the table without much effort and started on breakfast. At the smell of fresh coffee, his girlfriend Eri walked in. Without a word to him, she quickly went to the cabinet and grabbed a coffee mug.
“Good morning to you too,” Tetsuo said with a slight hint of ignorance in his tone.
“Oh, good morning.” Eri muttered without even looking at him. She poured herself some coffee and quickly devoured within minutes.
“I see you stayed up another night.” Tetsuo showed her the empty wine bottle.
“I guess.” Eri said as she went on pouring herself another cup of coffee.
“You can’t keep doing this!” Tetsuo said. “You have to a least try to sleep.”
“I tried!” Eri said with her back to him. “But I can’t fall asleep like you!”
“Then let’s go see a doctor after breakfast.” Tetsuo hugged her. “I don’t want to see an empty bed each morning and finding empty wine bottles on the table. I want to be able to wake up next to you.”
Eri didn’t even look at him but she did nod her head at his request.

After breakfast, they went to see Doctor Atsushi Narusegawa, an old friend of Tetsuo’s and his doctor since childhood.

“It’s good to see you, Tetsuo.” Atsushi smiled at the sigh of Tetsuo. “Are you feeling ill?”
“No, it’s not me.” Tetsuo smiled back politely. “It’s my girlfriend, Eri. She has trouble sleeping and haven’t slept in almost three weeks”
“Oh my. I too would be concerned.” Atsushi turned his attention to Eri. “Are you going through stress?”
“No.” Eri answered. “I don’t know.”
“Do you have any medical problems that may be the caused of your insomnia?” Atsushi wrote something down on a piece paper.
“No not that I know of.” Eri bit her bottom lip.
“We’ll run some tests just to be sure.” Atsushi said as he got up and gave the paper to the nurse.
Tetsuo took Eri to a nice sushi restaurant for lunch after her tests. “By next week we will know the results to your tests.”
Eri didn’t say a word; she was too busy staring into the streets.

After a week, Atsushi called Tesuto and said “I suggest you go see a therapist or psychologist for Eri.” Atsushi paused long enough for Tetsuo to said, “I see.”
“Yes, she’s healthy so I’m thinking it may be a psychological thing. Maybe something happened when she was a child or something she is going through now and is not telling you.”
“Thank you for your time, Atsushi.” Tetsuo said politely before they exchanged a quick good bye.
Eri walked in with a book she’s been devouring since this morning.
“Honey, is there something that’s bothering you?” Tetsuo asked.
“No.” Eri answered as she took a seat on the coach.
“Are you sure?” Tetsuo pushed on. “You know I’m here for you and I would do anything for you.”
“I’m fine.” Eri said.
“Atsushi called and-“ Before Tetsuo could finish his sentence Eri cut him off and said, “I know what he said. I heard everything.”
“Then talk to me!” Tetsuo pleaded with her.
“I’m fine!” Eri protested and that was the end of their discussion.

Staring at herself in the mirror, Eri felt helpless. She loves Tetsuo with all her heart and it hurts her to see him like this. If only I could fall asleep then everything will be okay between him and I…

That night Eri decided to give it another try. She got into bed in a long shirt and underwear, right next to Tetsuo who was busy reading a business magazine. She looks at him with complete tenderness and kisses him. She started with his cheeks, neck and ended up with his lips. He quickly dropped the magazine and returned her kisses. Tetsuo’s hand innocently wandered down to her crotch area. Without any hesitation, he took off her underwear and gently massages her before putting his fingers in her vagina.
She lets out a gentle moan. He fingers her for a bit before inserting his penis. Tetsuo usually like to start off slow and gentle before picking up speed. Eri’s mind, a blank canvas now filled with complete pleasure. She could feel his penis deep inside of her, creating this intimate understanding and connection between them. They didn’t have to exchange a single word, for the pleasure was enough to keep them going. When the sex was over, Eri closed her eyes waiting for sleep to fall on her. Tetsuo went to sleep without much trouble.

At the sight of millions of flashing lights like the flash on a camera but millions of them aiming at her woke her up from her sleep. She looks at the time and it’s only one in the morning before looking over at Tetsuo who is sleeping soundly like a baby. She got off the bed and went to the kitchen. Her throat felt dry and she decided to get something to drink. She took a bottle of wine from the cabinet and pours herself a glass.

By three, it started drizzling outside. At the sight of the rain from her kitchen window, Eri quickly changed her clothes and went out for a walk. She stopped at an empty park and took a seat on a wet bench. She looks up into the starless sky and held her hands out to catch raindrops. The raindrops felt like little kisses on her skin. The night was no longer long and lonely to her now. There was this warmth that she can’t explain but it made everything cleared to her.

The alarm next to Tetsuo’s bedside went off at exactly eight. He reached over only to be greeted by an empty bed. He quickly pulled on a clean boxer and made his way to their kitchen. In the kitchen he was surprised to the sight of Eri cooking breakfast and coffee already made.

She greeted him with a smile and a kiss.
“I’m confused…what’s going on?” Tetsuo still in shocked.
“Nothing, sweetie.” Eri continued to smile.

Whatever happened last night, Eri can’t explain or even recall but she knew something magical happened. It was her little secret from Tetsuo and with sleep coming back to her little by little as the days went on. She knows she’s going to be fine just like she did in the beginning…

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