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Monday, July 26, 2010

Room 304

He gently brushed away a strand of hair from her face before leaning over to kiss her soft lips. He wore a blue button down shirt with a dark color tie to match today. By the end of the day, he was still wondering why he chose to dressed up, but the fact she likes it was enough to reinsured him that he made a good choice. She had on a simple little black dress with her hair loose.

She was quiet today, very quiet. He did all the talking today, but he knew soon he will be at lost for words if she doesn't start talking.
"Is something bothering you?" He waited for her to answer him.
After a few minutes, she pointed to her right and said, "Let's go over there."
He followed her without a word. They walked in silence for twenty minutes or so and she stopped suddenly in front of a small building.
"Sakuragi Hotel" He read out loud to himself and immediately turned to her with a question mark on his face.
"Let's go in." She said.

The hotel was old and dusty. The thickness of the dirt and dusts can be seen from the entrance of the hotel. The waiting room was empty with only a few tables and seats sitting around. He noticed in the left side corner of the hotel was an old record player playing Frank Sinatra's "New York, New York". The hotel manager greeted them warmly and gave them the key to a room before going back to his newspaper.
"This is one of my favorite song." He told the hotel manager.
"I'm glad." He said without looking up from his paper.

The elevator broke so they had to take the stairs up to their room. The stairs creaked with each step they took. "I can see why he has no customers." He chuckled to himself.

They stopped on the third floor in front of room 304. The room was just the right size for two people. He noticed that the red carpet in the room has lost its color and the white paints were peeling off from the walls. The television in their room was broken along with the mini fridge. "Let's go to a better hotel." He suggested to her.
She didn't answer him and made her way to the window curtains to fix them.
He let out a sigh and made his way into the bathroom. To his surprise, there was actually hot water in this hotel. "I guess something I can look forward to now." He muttered to himself.

He came out of the bathroom only to find the room darker than he remembered. he noticed the curtains are now closed, the table lamp was on, and she was sitting on the bed with her face buried in her hands.

"What's wrong?" He asked.
"Please close the bathroom light" She said quietly. He did so immediately and returned back to their room.
Before he could say a single word or ask another question, she took off her black dress right in front of him revealing a simple black bra and matching underwear. She made her way to him and gently undid his tie and soon his shirt. He didn't protest but he was nervous. After she undressed him, she leaned forwarded and kissed him before backing away a few steps to unhooked her bra and took off her underwear. They made love soon after that with great passion that kept them going all through the night.

Morning soon arrived and the sun light slipped through the gaps between the curtains. He opened his eyes only to find himself alone. He panicked and got dressed immediately. He looked every where in the room for her but she was no where to be found. He ran down the stairs and into the front desk. "Where is she?" He yelled at the hotel manager.
Confused and alarmed the hotel manager managed to asked, "What are you talking about sir?"
"I came in here last night with my girlfriend and now she's gone!" His voice now even louder than before.
"Please keep your voice down, we have other customers around here." The hotel manager pointed out. "I don't know what you're talking about. You came in here last night alone."
The hotel manager reinsured him by showing him a tape from their surveillance camera. Indeed he came alone and requested a room.

He turned around and was also surprised to find the hotel clean and new with actual customers sitting around. "What's going on here?" He asked himself. In the left corner of the hotel room he noticed the old record player was still there, and it was playing Frank Sinatra's "Fly Me to the Moon". He went back to his room wondering "Why are everything different now."

To his surprise, a white cat greeted him right after he opened the door to his room. There was a note attached to the cat's collar. He read it a few times before picking up the cat and said, "Let's go home...cat." The cat didn't protest and they went home together shortly after.

Later in the afternoon....

The hotel waitresses came in to clean room 304. One of them discovered a note laying on the pillow and read out loud to herself.

Dear Ken,

What to say? There are some things better left unexplained but it can be understood with the heart. I know you love me in ways I can't ask for anymore except to continue to take care and love me. Did you know that lately you're all I need? I'm sorry and please forgive me.

Love always,

"This doesn't make any senses." The waitress crumpled the note up and dropped it in the garbage can before locking up the bedroom door to room 304.

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