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Monday, July 26, 2010


I follow a very specific routine every night right after I get out of work and before I go to bed. Most people would think I have OCD but it's nothing like that. I can easily break away from this routine if I wanted to.

I get out of work at exactly 6:00 with a just enough time to catch the 6:10 train home. I write restaurant reviews for a small food magazine company. My routine starts with a slight bow to my co-workers right before I close the door on them. I would then walk in a steady pace to the train station with my right foot first followed by my left foot. I would arrive at exactly 3 minutes before 6:10 and catch the train without a rush. There are always no seats during this time so I would stand the whole entire train ride home. After I get out of the train, I would resume back to my steady pace home. Hiro, my cat would greet me right after I entered the house. I would then drop everything in the closet and feed him. After attending to Hiro, I would go into the kitchen to make dinner. I always have a bowl of salad with Russian dressing to go along with my well done steak and a cup of black coffee. I eat this combination every night. I don't see the need of making something new every night. I cut my steak into 11 little pieces before putting one into my mouth with a fork. I would then wash it down with my coffee before putting some salad into my mouth. This cycle of rather odd eating would repeat itself until everything is gone from my plate and cup. I would wash the plate and cup immediately before going into the living room to turn the record player and the reading lamp on. I would cut myself a slice of strawberry cheesecake to accompany my glass of red wine as I take a seat in my reading chair. I always read the same book and would repeat it once it's finished. At exactly 11:00 I would go shower, layout my clothes for the next day, and then to bed at 12.

This is indeed an odd routine to follow. I can function perfectly fine without following it but why would I? You may now be wondering how did this routine came to be? It started a month ago when I met her on the train. I got out of work like any other day except I had to run an errand so I missed my 6:10 train home. I got to the train station at a quarter to seven. She was already there at the station waiting for the train. The train was still somewhat packed with a few available seats here and there. We both got on the same train and I waited for her to find a seat first. She picked one by the door and I took a seat right across from her. I find myself gazing at her without realizing it. She was reading a book but occasionally she would look up from her book and catch me gazing at her. We both got off at the same stop. I didn't realize it at first but she was following me home, walking in the same steady pace as I am.

I turned around and asked, "May I help you miss?"
She paused before answering, "May I come home with you tonight?"
I was shocked. "Do you need a home or something?"
She smiled and said, "I have a home but I want to stay with you tonight."
I thought to myself why not and it's been awhile since I had company over. Plus she's a decent looking girl in her late 20s. We walked home together.

She adored Hiro very much and played with him while I made dinner.
"What would you like to eat miss?" I asked from the kitchen.
"I would like a bowl of salad, steak and a cup of black coffee please" She answered back without any hesitation.
I was a bit surprised at her request since you know how women are when it comes to eating but I made it anyway. She cut her steaks up into 11 little pieces before putting one into her mouth, washing it down with coffee and then some salad.

"Why did you do all that?" I was very interested.
"I don't want to choke so I cut my steak into little pieces." She wiped her mouth with a napkin.
"But why 11?" I asked.
"I like odd numbers." She smiled.
"But this eating cycle you're following by is..." I couldn't find the right word to describe it.
"Odd?" She asked.
"Well...yes I guess you can say that." I agreed.
"I like it and I don't know why I do it." She said.

After dinner, I did the dishes and offered her desert. She wanted cheesecake and wine, which I didn't have at home. I don't know why I even bothered but I put on my jacket and went to the supermarket and got a strawberry cheesecake and red wine. By the time I got home, she was reading her book on my reading seat with the record player on. I cut both of us some cake and poured red wine into my wine glasses. She wanted to shower at exactly 11. I went up to my room 30 mins later to find her looking through my closet.

"What are you doing miss?" I left the door opened just enough for Hiro to squeeze through at night.
"I'm picking out what you're going to wear to work tomorrow." She said.
"Oh...thank you then. I guess I'll go shower since you're done." I grabbed my towel and went into the bathroom.

We didn't have sex that night. She requested to go to bed at 12 and I did the same. We slept in the same bed but nothing happened. I honestly wasn't disappointed that we didn't have sex. I guess I was just happy to have company and I think she was happy to have a company too.

She left right before morning while I was still sleeping. She didn't leave any note and I never saw her again. But she did leave a good impression on me and I made her routine a part of my life even though she is not. She did leave her book behind which I have read a hundred times. And now you know why. You may now think I'm crazy in love with this weird girl but honestly I can't say I am. I don't exactly know why I follow this routine but I know I do it every night. I also came into realization a month later that I don't her name except the name I gave her that night which will always be "miss".

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