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Monday, July 26, 2010

My Summer

"Hey Hikari!" I looked up from my reading and waved at Kenji. He quickly made his way over to my table.
"I'm starving!" He took a seat right across from me. "You want to get some food?"
"Yeah let me finish up this last page."

It didn't take me too long to finish up what I was reading and I went with Kenji to his favorite ramen shop just down the block from the school. We both ordered the house special ramen with everything and two sodas. While we were waiting for our food, a girl walked in. At first glance, she didn't really catch my eyes until she opened up her mouth to order some sashimi with green tea. Her voice, it reminded me so much of her.

"Who?" Kenji looked at me with a confused look. "Who are you calling to?"
"That girl!" I pointed her out. Kenji turned around quickly to have a look at her.
"Oh that girl?" Kenji turned back and looked at me straight in the eyes "Her name is not Mitsuko, its Miko."
"Are you sure?" I lowered my voice to make sure Miko doesn't hear us.
"Yeah, she's Tanaka sensei's daughter." Kenji took a slip of his orange soda.
"I see" I couldn't take my eyes of her. Her every moment reminded me of her.

God, why does this "Miko" girl remind me of Mitsuko? It's been almost four years since Mitsuko passed away. She had leukemia at a very young age. Her parents did everything they could to keep her alive but in the end she slipped away from them and everyone else. Even though she had leukemia, Mitsuko was the happiest girl I know. I met her in the hospital because of a distant family member of mine was dying of cancer. I was only ten then and I couldn't stand seeing so many people crying at once so I left to do some exploring to pass time. It was her voice, her beautiful singing voice. Even till this day I can't forget it. I entered her room without knocking but she didn't mind. She was glad to have some company.

We introduced ourselves and had a wonderful conversation. I couldn't stop blushing the whole entire time. Mitsuko is cute and she's two years older than me. She was always smiling and laughing at all my jokes no matter how dumb and unfunny they are. I loved her with all my heart from that day on.

I visited her every single day. She listened to everything I have to tell her. I feel so safe and comforted when I'm with her.

"Mitsuko, do you think you will get better?" I asked her one day while having lunch with her under a big oak tree.
"Yes, I do." She smiled at me warmly.
"And what's the first thing you want to do when you're well?" I took a giant bite into my turkey sandwich.
"I want to lay in a field of flowers and be lost among them while watching clouds go by." She put down her sandwich and turned to me with so much passion in her eyes. "I want to strolls under the big blue sky and sunshine barefoot in a white dress without a care in the world."
"That sounds nice." I smiled at her.
"Yeah, it does." She agreed with me before biting into her sandwich.
"Okay, let's do it!" I jumped up
"Do what?" She gave me a confused look
"Let's go to that field once you're well."
"Really?" A glow appeared on her face
"Yeah, I promise I will take you once you're well."
"Thank you, Hikari" She beamed at me.
I blushed.

Mitsuko didn't get better. She passed away after I gradated from high school during the summer time. Her parents called me one day to let me know that Mitsuko only has a few days to live. I stayed up that night crying. The very next morning I rode my bike looking for a field of flowers. It took me a day but in the end I came upon a small field of flowers. This will do I thought to myself and picked an armful of flowers. I quickly rode back to the hospital. I burst into her room with the flowers dirty and sweaty. But she didn't care, she cried of tears of joy and embraced me tightly in her arms.
"I know you can't be at that field right now so I'm bringing a part of the field back to you." I blushed "But one day you will."
"Thank you, Hikari."

"Promise me you will take me there someday..." That was her last words to me right before she closed her eyes.
"I promise..." I whispered into her ears as I struggled to hold back the tears. "I love you, Mitsuko."

Mitsuko passed away that summer and took my summer along with her...

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