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Monday, August 2, 2010


Most of us are or was a pet owner, but have you ever looked at your pet, and wondered when that day comes, are you ever ready to say good bye? I didn’t think it would be so hard until that day when my beloved Mina passed away while the rest of the world including me was asleep. My four years old daughter cried with me and my wife comforted me but still the pain was there even until today…

I was a freshman in high school when my dad came home from work one late December night with Mina wrapped in a blanket. She was only a few weeks old and had trouble walking correctly due to weak leg muscles but I loved her with all my heart.

My dad found her in a box by some trash cans and couldn’t bear to leave her out in the cold. He thought she would make a good company for me when he’s out working late. My mom passed away when I was in middle school due to an incurable illness.

I didn’t make many friends through my four years in high school. Mina became my best friend. I shared with her everything; from how my day went to my dreams for the future. She listened and was always there waiting for me when I came home every day.

Shortly after I graduated from college, I got married with my beautiful wife who I met during my college years. She loved Mina as much as I did. Shortly after we got married, my daughter Melody was born. She adored Mina very much, they often played together.

While my daughter was getting older so was Mina. By my daughter’s second birthday, I noticed that Mina was slowing down in everything she did. She was no longer a kitten but a very old cat.

By Melody’s third birthday, Mina slept more and ate much less. My daughter asked me many times what was wrong with her best friend. I told her that she was just getting old and needed more rest. But deep down I knew it was time for her to go.

A few days after Melody’s fourth birthday, Mina gave up moving and eating. She was shutting herself down slowly. My wife and I decided to end her suffering by taking her to the vet and put her to sleep. My daughter was against it.
“Daddy, Mina will get well!” She cried to me.
“I’m sorry, honey.” I said “Mina is a very old cat. There’s nothing we can do to help her.”
“No! You’re a murder!” She ran over to Mina and held her in her little arms.

I decided to wait maybe until the end of the week to take Mina to the vet so they can spend some time together. But the opposite happened; Mina never made it to see the morning light. I woke up to her lifeless body lying there in her bed so peacefully. I stroked her fur gently hoping to wake up her up, but she never did. My wife comforted me as I cried in her arms. Afterward, we put her in a nice little box so my daughter won’t have to see it. We walked to Melody’s room and woke her up gently.
“Honey, Mina is gone.” I said gently while trying to hold back my tears. “I’m so sorry.”
She cried in my arms…no we cried together.
That late afternoon, we buried her in our backyard with a nice cross standing over it. I picked up my daughter and whispered into her ear, “Mina is in cat heaven…she is in a better place.”
“I loved Mina.” My daughter said with her eyes filled with tears. “Do you think she left because she didn’t like us?”
“I loved her too.” I reassured her. “I know she loved us very much but it was time for her to go because she was old.”

Even though a few years have passed, it’s still hard not to shed some tears when I see that cross standing there in our backyard. I know she is in a better place but there was one thing I never got a chance to tell her and that was: “Thank you…thank you for everything you have done for me.”

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